SELF: The Uncharted Frontier
Contemplate the possibilities... 
by David Hulse, D.D.

This book is dedicated to those who desire to remember who they are, past all the limitations imposed from a world filled with pain and sorrow.

Denial is not the answer ó quite the opposite.

Religion and spirituality have caused mankind to hide its head in the sand far too long.

Dare to look around and admit what we are doing to ourselves and each other and to our planet

You will feel a sense of urgency to stop right where you are today and join with others.

Together we can make a difference!

Ignorance is the greatest enemy of man and is the cause of poverty, famine, disease and the overall condition in the world. How many times have we heard people blame either some god or devil outside of themselves for world conditions? This book attempts to awaken us to our own inner ability and potential to make a difference both at the individual and collective level in changing the course of our planet from self-destructive to self-evolving. It is time to face the fact that our Creator placed the power to create within that which it created. With this power to co-create, man is responsible for the conditions we face today.

The purpose of this book is to free you from misperceptions of yourself, each other, and the world; to expose the lie of separation from our Source ending with the final result -- death. This book is meant to appeal to individuals who are visionary and ready to pioneer beyond traditional programming, to explore the potentials of new frontiers of non-consciousness.

The information written here is to awaken you to a place of self-empowerment so that you will think for yourself rather than be a product of other menís thinking. Most ideas in religion, society, politics and other systems of thought are due to second hand information. With the help of this book and your own inner guidance, our desire is that you will relinquish the contradictory voices of this world and connect with your own inner voice leading you to your destiny of being a full potential human being, co-creator of a newly birthed planet with a universal status.

The gods mentioned throughout this book refer to manís own perceptions of who and what he thinks his creator to be. These gods are therefore manís own beliefs, frozen in consciousness to which he has bowed down to worship and call his god. It is in no way referring to our true Source/Creator of all life. Because of the automatic word association that takes place when the word god is spoken, perhaps it would be of great benefit to lose that term to find it again. Those who find God are those who are first willing to lose god. Religion would call this the "unpardonable sin" but, in reality, nothing changes except the labels and definitions of a death conscious society.

The term "man" is used throughout this book in a non-gender context. As we understand creation to be both male and female we submit the term "man" with an androgynous definition. We are all the sons and daughters of the Creator.

We have aspired to go beyond the traditional language of western religious terminology to penetrate old thought patterns and programmings to put you in touch with your own inner intuitive remembrance of the ancient story of creation at the cellular level.

In reading this book you may find many of the ideas repetitious. This method of repetition becomes important when breaking through old programming in order to associate the mind with newer, more evolved information of present understanding. Remember, it has been said, "Repetition is the mother of skill."

The term "Self" is not presented in the old paradigm of a self-centered identity who is only out for its own individual fulfillment (what some call the human ego). The term "Self" presented in this book refers to the collective universal Self, in which the individual self becomes centered in Self -- instead of self-centered!

We ask that you listen to your own inner intelligence which is able to lead you into all truth, rather than listening to the feeble attempts of menís voices, who are already plunging us into the depths of unanswered questions, ever learning, but never able to come to the understanding of the truth. With this in mind, we submit this book for your consideration.

Peace & Blessings,

David Hulse

Contemplate the possibilities...

Carefully observe your private convictions, they are the medium by which inherent intelligence is pierced

Possibility I: Desire, when experienced physically, beyond conscious thought, becomes an energized intelligence compelled to cross boundaries previously impossible to cross

Possibility II: Inherent intelligence contains information that cannot be learned from any external quest, but can only be remembered ó by YOU, the individual!

Possibility III: The ultimate goal at a physical level is for all people on the planet to become one.

Possibility IV: Contained in the Darkness are the unknown aspects of Self that must be examined rather than always searching for the light

Possibility V: Deity is locked in the memory contained in the DNA of the physical body

Possibility VI: Celebration is in order as freedom makes its entry into the world of physical form

SELF: The Uncharted Frontier
Contemplate the possibilities... 
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